Gretel provides the platform for participating museums. Within the platform, you can manage and control all aspects of the services you subscribe to, whether they’re media content, analytics, or interactive maps. 


With administrator access to your Content Management System, you’re in control. Upload and update your media as often as necessary. Videos, audio, images, and copy are all easily stored and published through the CMS. 


Gretel provides valuable insight as to who is visiting your museum. You can use this data to create personalized and targeted outreach campaigns or programs.

What else?

Maybe your museum already has an app. That’s great! We can incorporate as much or as little of our services menu to upgrade your user experience. But best of all, we can tailor any of our services to better serve your needs. We’ve done everything from ticketing solutions to CRM strategies, wayfinding to event marketing and a whole bunch of fan activation... The possibilities are virtually endless.