"Museums Turn to Technology to Boost Attendance by Millennials."

-The New York Times

This is The Gretel Platform. 
And it's changing the way we experience museums.

Gretel powers interactive, immersive, and intuitive art experiences that allow institutions to truly shine.

With the thoughtful integration of beacon technology, visitors are presented with content that elegantly augments their experience—encouraging deeper exploration, discovery, engagement and sharing.

Museums become interactive,
Wayfinding becomes intuitive, and
Your audience becomes engaged. 

And when your visitors are encouraged to engage, they aren’t just visitors anymore. 


A living experience. 

Gretel differentiates itself as a platform in the way it augments the location-based experience. New levels of discovery and enrichment are provided in unobtrusive ways that reward guests who actually visit exhibits—both permanent and temporary. Exclusive content is elegantly unlocked for consumption either in the gallery or wherever they choose to take the time to explore further. 

Gretel's format of content delivery allows guests the flexibility to extend the museum experience beyond the walls of the institution and fosters conscientious sharing of their new–found passions with family, friends and extended networks.

Below are a just a few of the Gretel Platform's suite of offerings:

Dynamic content.
As the museum, you have complete control of what media content corresponds with your museum, exhibit, or art piece. 

Finding your way is now reliable and intuitive, whether you're indoors or on the move. 

Supporting multiple languages is not only supported but is simple and efficient.

In addition to delivering supplemental media content, Gretel brings a whole new dimension to treasure hunting. When you encourage users to “discover” and unlock exclusive content, special offers, and fascinating facts, you make exploring the space rewarding, engaging, and fun.

Absolutely Secure. 
We consider security to be an integral component of Gretel, that's why we offer two layers of security. For more information on our technological specifications, click here.